James Brocklebank
Motion Design & Direction
image_750x750_Jeem .jpg

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera wanted a complete overhaul of their children's channel, Jeem. It entailed a fair amount of work, from OSP to a new logo and 12 x idents all in a fairly short space of time. 
I worked on 2 ideas 'Football' and 'Underwater' - from the beginning; from concept art and style frames, colour palettes, environments, through to various pre viz, animatics and the final animation. For the football idents I took Gerald Crome's robot animations and dropped them into my 3D scenes, where I would texture, light and animate the rest of the sequence in C4D before finally compositing with all the green screen footage, particles, grade and so on, in After FX

Client: Al Jazeera
Studio: Jump
Lead Designer, 2D and 3D animation, keying and compositing: James Brocklebank
3D Robot modelling and animation: Gerald Crome