James Brocklebank
Motion Design & Direction

Black Ops 4


Linking up with the guys at Spov to work on the load movies and some in-game screens for the next installment of the massive franchise that is Call of Duty. This is an edit of all the screen graphics work done by all the 2025 team at Spov.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4


Getting involved with Spov on the cinematics for Treyarch’s latest release, Black Ops 4.
Being on the project from the beginning, I was involved in nearly all stages of look development. I mainly worked on exploring (augmented reality) environments, as well as the overall design/lighting for the exterior training facility, plus visualising FX for certain weapons.
Once we had a look signed off, we were then assigned characters, and went into production. I had Firebreak and Recon, although I worked with Ruin through the look dev stage. As much as there were specialist people for character animation, modeling, texturing and FX, we did get a lot of control that allowed us to have a hand in pretty much every part of the process. From editing the the entire sequence, through to animating 3D cameras, keyframing character moves, lighting, texturing, layout and compositing, as well as some of the UI and FX work. It was a very collaborative and enjoyable project to work on.


Look Development


Client - Activision/Treyarch
Studio - Spov
Creative & Design Director - Andrea Braga
Art Director - James Brocklebank
Design Lead - Miles Christensen
3D & Comp Lead - Mantas Grigaitis
3D & FX Lead - Julio Dean
3D Team - Marcel Piekarski, Jim Greenslade, Marco Gifuni
Character Animation Lead - Tammy Smith
Character Animation - Mindwalk,
FX and Simulations - Javier Verdugo, Xevi Polo, Adam Roche
2D Animation - Luis Ribeiro, Pedro Cyrne, Samantha Thompson, Kieran Gee-Finch Ryan Phelan
2D Design - Khairul 'Keko' Ahmed, Yugen Blake
Producer - Gerri McCarthy
Assistant Producers - Samia Ahmed,
Sound Design - Zelig Sound
Music - Treyarch