James Brocklebank
Motion Design & Direction

Coldplay + Pharrell

Coldplay/Las Unidades and Pharrell Williams

‘ E- Lo’ Music Video

I had the privilege of working with a bunch of friends from Impossible Brief, on a music video for ‘E-Lo,’ a song produced by Las Unidades (Coldplay) and Pharrell Williams, for the Global Citizen EP, to help raise money and awareness for the Global Citizen charity, who aim to end world poverty by 2030. The EP was released just before the Global Citizen Festival, Johannesburg, December 2018, to celebrate what would have been Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday,

Nelson Mandela and his drawings were the main inspiration for the lyrics and the images of the song. We were given various lyrics to work to and had a relatively free reign in terms of the creative. Doing hand drawn frame by frame animation was a new style for me and something I really enjoyed, as I ended up doing approx a minutes worth of animation for the final film.
(Below) The 2 sequences I worked on, producing all the shots.


Please click on the images below to expand the frame to full screen.

Client - Las Unidades and Pharrell Williams
Studio - Impossible Brief
Director and Editor - James Zwadlo
Animators - James Brocklebank, James Zwadlo, Elliott Howard, Dave Byrne, Ciaran McCusker, Gabriel Murgue, Jonathan Fletcher, Whitecoat Creativelab
Producer - James Zwadlo and Chris Levett