James Brocklebank
Motion Design & Direction

Titanfall 2

TITANFALL 2 Cinematics

Reuniting with Spov, as part of a great team, on a really fun project, producing 6 cinematics for a computer game out in the Autumn.
I got involved early and was able to work on every part of the process from look dev, to pre viz, through to 3D animation, but I mainly worked on the FX and compositing in X Particles and AFX.
There were a lot of characters involved, for which we had designated character animators, but other than that, it was a very fluid process with everyone working across most shots. It was also my first job using Arnold renderer.

Client - Respawn
Studio - Spov
Creative Director - Miles Christensen
Designers and animators - James Brocklebank, Andrea Braga, Julio Dean, Ryan Hays, Sam Kerridge and Matt Tsang
Producer - Emma Middlemiss